Long run reflections

Sunday is usually long run day, a day to lace up my trainers and step outside. Long run days generally mean heading out to a local trail to train but also to clear my head, let all the weeks thoughts and experiences sort themselves into order. My life is busy within work and out, its the way I like it but to keep this going, time out on local trails is required.

So, on this long run I got the chance to try a new route following the river stour. It was new enough to make me concentrate on my direction but easy enough to allow thoughts to flourish. The image above is near the end of my run around the local lake, beautiful!

This week sees me half way into the second month of my new post so its time to reflect on what I’ve seen and learnt. In my first few weeks I’ve tried to get to as many wards and departments as possible. Not just to meet people but to get a real flavour of how care is delivered in the Trust.

Running allows my reflective brain to turn what I’ve seen and heard into something coherent I can use to inform. So I’ve done lots of walking and talking, taking in views, ward layouts and different ideas from staff across the Trust. In addition to my agenda it’s also pre CQC assessment time, so every one is focussed on finding the best ways to make their department shine. It’s been a good time to get to know the good and not so good parts of the Trust.

For every area I’ve been to, I know I need to return for a second look. But that’s the plan, next week its time to return and really lift the stones. Now I know who is who, can recognise the different uniforms and professions it’s an easier job to do.

I have many budding ideas about what I want to change, I have seen practices I think my team could improve but mostly I’ve been impressed with the skills and interest in infection prevention and control across the Trust. I am pleased that I have been able to join another really skilled team, it wasn’t easy to leave RBCH with so many good friends and colleagues.

I’m looking forward to getting beyond these first views, I really value the fresh eyed time but as with finding a new trail to run on, its the second and third time where you get to forget directions and just look around!

So, what’s different about Poole is that it has its own ethos for, well, how to be. I have to say, I’ve been curious about the Poole approach for some time.

Wether this is the newness of this shiny new job I don’t know, but I’ve been bowled over by how welcoming everyone has been. There is a youthful feel to the Poole approach and with this is a real energy in its ambition. The structure maybe old but within its walls is a dynamic work force.

This week I’ve also got to link back in with colleagues in the South West IPS and deliver a presentation on IPC in the built environment. This has been part of my working world for the past 12 months so it was a great opportunity to talk about the journey so far and what I’m learning. It was great to hear my questions reflected back from colleagues and peers going through the same processes.

At the meeting were other leads and IPC focused staff. We got to listen to nurses from the Royal Navy talking about IPC from their perspective. That was fascinating, I’d spent 5 minutes talking about the problems of ‘bobbly flooring’ only to see the real challenges of keeping floors clean on a ship at sea! Then we had an interesting session on HPV delivered by Tania from Bioquell. I had no idea the company had such a long history, something I’m going to want to read more about.

So, reflecting on a faster timescale has been much harder than I thought. Most of the blogs I’ve published were already drafted in my head but this had to wait for a spark. It took me getting lost on the way back from a ward to find this spark…and so that leaves me with some years to cover from my previous post, these are slowly brewing…watch this space!

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