Strange days indeed

Yesterday was a day of up and down emotions.

It started with sadness as we buried one of our lovely chickens. Despite the care and attention she got from my family, within just 24 hours of going off her food and then drink she died in her sleep.

Felt like another brick in a wall of sad emotions.

With little to do that is safe to escape the emotions we stuck to the house and garden to work through the day tidying a garden and preparing it for the summer.

I doubt very much we’ll be near a beach this year. Coastal communities are going to struggle unless someone starts to better control the use of beaches and sea. We will be choosing our sea swimming destinations carefully.

So with a garden ready for a bbq and music my eldest son and I escaped to find some quiet shaded trails on our bikes. Therapy. Nothing like scaring yourself going downhill too fast to reset the brain!

We found smooth shades roads to head back and talked about past, future and possible ways the world would look in the next 12 months. Wisdom from a young man’s perspective filled me with pride.

Then home. Bbq and watch my youngest sons piano performance with his peers. The school had spliced together many videos of his year and other years all recorded at home for a lock down performance. Some amazing talent in the school.

So proud of him and the feedback he got. Brilliant little star.

As the night drew in and the twinkle of stars replaced the setting moon in the sky we sat mellow by a small fire. More music with a guitar and some inspirations from our collections. We went to bed all chilled ready for another day.

Up. Down. Up.

After all this is over I think I’ll have to get a tattoo of that somewhere…

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