A practice in mindfulness.

If you’re a creative then drawing or writing at this time can be a bit like adding more salt on your mental wounds. To begin with a healthy releasing sting, but over time you need a break.

I think my Mum must have picked this up in my mood. Last night she sent me a challenge of writing a poem. But not from your own head but by taking random sentences from books and putting them on paper. No choices, no weeding out the good ones. Just using your first read line.

So. Here is a poem. The love child of Curation (Michael Bhasker) and The Ministry of Food (Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall).

Initially there were some resistant City dwellers who did not want to eat the fluffy tailed bunnies.

However large you think the Internet is, it just keeps getting bigger.

Nella, with her love for shopping was in the minority.

We must think of ways and means of making bread.

The best selection makes the most of human and machine.

It was not long before the whole nation was involved in digging for victory.

Which is where things got really interesting.

Today we are rediscovering the delights of food for free.

Since launching in 2007, Twitter has enjoyed massive growth.

Frugal wartime dishes, such as meatless vegetable pie cries out for extra flavouring.

We only appreciate the power of selection when we look at the full range of associated Curation effects.

The following menu is recommended to the German housewife over German radio.

One study conducted by the University of Newcastle shows how this works.

The strength of the syrup you use will depend upon how sharp the fruit is.

I don’t believe Curation alone is the answer to macro problems.

Hard to read. Great fun to write. 15 lines. No deep thinking. Create. Express. Mindfulness achieved.

Thanks Mum.