Are we there yet? 5th May 2020

I asked this question as a boy at the point in every car journey when there was nothing new. When the scenery hadn’t changed and the stories in the car got old…tired….and repetitive.

My kids do the same to me now. I hate it. Just let the journey be the purpose of being in the car, not the destination. That’s what I tell them. Pah. What do I know.

Are we nearly there yet?

I’m midweek of a long week. More samples have gone through the lab in the first 5 days of May than the whole of March. Another shift in policy. Another change in meeting schedules we need to fit in with.

Remember March? Nope me either.

So. 5 days in to May and I’m embattled with at least three PPEgates and yet at the same time working furiously with colleagues to unblock Green beds. Green as in non Covid19. We’re doing our best to get back to normal, well, the new normal.

So if the world is changing what’s the repetition? What’s the part of this journey that’s been here all 2020…

It’s the pressure. It’s not let up yet. I welcome with open arms the get back to normal plans but…we are still getting back on our feet, we are still dusting down our shoes and getting steady. Still unpicking the impact of creating a hospital ready for a tidal wave of covid19. Still counting gowns, masks and other essential items in terms of days of supply left. Still catching our breath.

We really need time to reflect and recharge. To look around and check how everyone is before we leap into the next shift change. I know there is lots to get started again, lots of really important services for our patients but..if we don’t take care of ourselves we won’t be able to sustain the delivery. If we don’t take stock of what we’ve learnt at the front line and learn from those lessons we’ve wanted an opportunity.

So today my team and I spent the first few hours processing the results of pre op assessment Covid19 screens, making sure it’s safe for patients to have their surgery.

Forms, results, phone calls, emails and letters. In the same first few hours we are talking with logistics leads about how many days of PPE we have left. Each of these are coming at us with equal pressure and demand. What do you call that….there must be a word for it…when two forces, two competing pressures are pulling in opposite directions.

So there’s the scenery. The bit about the journey that I’m not enjoying anymore. The pressure. The relentless email, MS Team messages, phone calls, bleeps that start with…just a quick question…

How do you manage that? I’ve got a team three times as big, plus a med student and a call going out for 1 more member of staff to help cover the 7 day servo e we are now delivering. Yet I can’t seem to be able to stop the spinning wheel for long enough to get an idea of what needs to change. What can we pick out that just might slow us down for time enough to make another change. Enable us to pick off the weighty issues that are increasing the gyroscopic forces..

Sorry. Ranty blog.

Must try that calm app. Must put my trainers back on and pound the streets.

Still, writing it downs still helps and makes me focus

Posted in retrospect having had time to reflect.