New beginnings from old roots

This has been a big month in the Bolton household, my eldest turned 18 and I have got a new job. I’m going to be the Lead Nurse for Infection Prevention and Control in our newly formed Trust as of 1st October 2020.

I’ve been talking and planning for this post for a long time. The route may have changed a few times since it was first mentioned to me and I have definitely tried a few alternatives on the way but I think this has always been a final destination.

So, what does that mean? Essentially, the Trust I work for now is merging with the Trust I used to work for to create University Hospitals Dorset. As you can guess from the title, we’re also making stronger links with Bournemouth University. There are going to be lots of exciting developments over the next 5 years with merging creating better services, building work to create state of the art facilities and many developments for current services that have either been planned or as a response to COVID19.  

For me, this means I’m back to leading my previous team bringing them together into my current team to start forming a new one. In comparison to other teams around the new Trust its not going to be a big team but the 10 of us have a lot of skills, knowledge and experience to bring together.

We’ve already met to plan becoming one team, it was exciting to see everyone open up and express their opinions and feelings about merging.

I’ve had the last 4 weeks to reflect on this possible future. I have met with HR and my line manager to review the change in role and how to address the possible impact of this on my ability to deliver. And, despite knowing this change was somewhere in my future, the impact of the past 8 months and the enormity of the role made me pause and take a breath before diving in.

I had to be sure I wanted the role and that I felt I could do the role justice. In the end, whilst waiting for the final meeting it was the frustration of not being in the role and being able to influence and shape decision making that brought home to me how much it meant to me to be the lead and how much I wanted to see the team and me succeed.

Whilst I was holding the Cardiology Matron post I had to deal with many different tasks and demands that I felt I didn’t have the skills in me to deliver.

Now I feel much different. Now I know the ability was always there, it was just not part of my natural processes and therefore slightly harder to access than the other parts of me.

With practice its become much more comfortable to do.

I use a lot of my intuition to judge my decisions, knowing the background to any issue makes that intuition one that’s better informed. During this pandemic I’ve been in many situations where there is no background, there is no data and so trusting the best decision, even if its an unknown quantity has been a learning experience.

You have to make mistakes in order to learn from them.

Thats probably why I’ve had to pause before accepting this post. It’s a big step and I needed to know I was in the right place to deliver it with the commitment, energy and leadership it requires.

So the next blogs will pick out the highlights and steps we take over the next few months.