International Nurses Day

Can I have a moment.

Today is International day of the nurse. 12th May. 2020.

So where are we at?

Week 8 of lock down. Day 2 of the next phase. Nearly every one I speak to is uncertain. What does the future, in the next few months, hold?

Its been the busiest few months of my life and I expect everyone else’s in healthcare. We move from day to night to day and adapt to each different way this viral pandemic is making us change.

Yesterday, I joined the weekly nursing group meeting. It’s virtual of course so we sat looking in at our screens and cameras, nearly all the senior nurses across Poole hospital, planning the week to come, reviewing the week gone by.

One Nurse had a poster of a cartoon character instead of their face.

Several nurses came up with brilliant ideas to celebrate ideas to celebrate IND2020.

All of us as one smiled. We laughed. We motivated each other to share that feeling with others.

That’s what being a nurse is all about.

Despite the adversity. Despite the enormous challenge ahead. Despite the knowledge that this is probably going to get harder.

We can still shine light on our world. Bring a little glow to patients, colleagues and friends. Find the smallest hope and magnify it for all to benefit from.

I’m very grateful for my career. For my nurse friends and colleagues.