Devon air

Its August 8th 2020 and I’m half way through a camping holiday in Devon feeling thoroughly human.

We’ve had a fantastic few days as a family. Catching up with my sister and her family, walking along the South West Coast path and having the briefest of ever swims (it was soooo cold!).

Most of the time we’ve spent relaxing and watching the day turn into evening as we drew, painted, read and played games. Idyllic. Oh, and I’ve got a couple of hilly runs in so my brain is thoroughly soaked in endorphins!

I’m writing this in a little note book with storm clouds brewing behind me and a hot sun in front, very typical English summer weather. Drying in front of me is my @racingskins running top and the words on the back are echoing around my mind.

Since April each blog I’ve written has left me with a nagging doubt that what I’m writing down is the physical equivalent of stretching a sore muscle. A necessary pain, to explore how its recovering but not always good for me. There is a point where you just need to let it be. So the same is with how I’m feeling, no real point in continually exploring the past. Time to let it inform the future.

So, sitting reading the words on my top

“the greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow”

I’m starting to wonder how I can use all this creative energy into making the sun shine brighter and using the drops of rain to make the rainbow more bold in colour.

I don’t want this to be a moan fest, a wallowing hole of meh. It is certainly not the intention of how it is written.

So much like to today with azure blue skies in front of me and grey clouds building up behind, I need to work on how I use the two to greater advantage.


I really want to bring about changes in how we deliver our role, there are may aspects of the job that I feel could be done differently.

Starting up an IPC clinic for staff and services wanting to restart.

Create one IPC policy

Develop smarter e learning modules and on line video tutorials.


Its been obvious for some time that the current staffing structure of the team needs bolstering. Time to find ways of working smarter and invest more in the team, who knows maybe that request for a band 4 will be successful.

Each little rain storm that fell allowed me to see the roles we deliver through many different perspectives. I had a great insight into this when I was the interim Matron for Cardiology but this has offered me so much more.

Learn now, adapt and prepare.

A good friend and someone I always looked up to often said to me…

Its all very well identifying lessons when things go wrong but until they are learnt they are little more than words on a page.

Time to focus on implementing those lessons. Time to shine light. Time to stop stretching that ache, it will heal of its own accord.