Year of the nurse and will I shape it?

I’ve got to admit, being married to an OT and brother to a PT makes me think this should be the year of the health care professional but I can see the purpose of this year and the reasons behind it..

So how will I shape it?

By using tools like this to share views, encourage comment and demonstrate how good working in this profession can be.

So here in the UK we are in need of more nursing staff. I’m sure it’s the same around the world. The numbers leaving the profession far outweigh those joining. I don’t want to get into political debates as to why this is but in general the underfunding of the NHS has not helped.

This past few months the Trust I work in has been working harder than normal to ensure patients can be safely admitted and discharged in a timely manner. With more patients needing to be admitted than ready to be discharged this has been really hard. Stretching the Trust so that more areas are opened up making additional beds has been the only safe, short term answer but staffing these beds has been really challenging.

There is a real need to attract, train and recruit more nursing staff. Even just one more nurse of each shift could make a huge difference.

But why would you want to be a nurse? I mean, the shift work is exhausting and you are exposed to sights, sounds, smells and emotions that exist nowhere else than within healthcare. Well for me it’s a hugely rewarding job. I’ve met the most wonderful people through being a nurse. I can remember patients even now from my training who stood as remarkable people or just those that taught me something new about life.

The people who you meet will become your best friends. I regard some of the people I work with as important to me as my family, they really make a difference to who I am. If it wasn’t for being a nurse I wouldn’t have met my wife!

What I get from being a nurse fulfills me. Being able to connect with patients and make a difference to their lives makes me feel good about what I do. In my role explaining and advising on how patients can manage their illness or infection is a big part of what I do. Turning the science and advice into helpful, useful and reassuring information is key. Sometimes just being there and listening and allowing a patient to talk is all it takes.

So if you want to work in a place that makes you part of its family, get looked after and paid for what you do then follow these blog posts, get to know what nursing is all about. If you feel like a change in career or are at school and choosing your options then consider nursing…if you have any questions then please contact me.

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