A day of brightness. May 7th 2020

So I’m on the 5th day in a row and it’s time for 2 days off tomorrow.

Today was a great day. Everyone in the IPC team was busy, active and smiling deep in their response to Covid19. Clinical work following up patients in the hospital, work to record and share the new tests results, plans to look at decontamination and cleaning of wards making them covid to non covid wards and passing calls to each of us to share the work around.

The office was humming with activity, lots of people in and out all day asking questions and getting advice. Lots of people thinking about the next steps to turn this from a pandemic response to a business as usual+ response model.

I started the day offering kindness back to those that gave it to me. I have the luck to be married to a food producer of enormous talent. So I took in gifts for my team and colleagues who had been so kind to me the day before. I needed to thank them but it also enabled my wife, who is now a full time home teacher to my son with SEN, to know that her other special skills are bringing smiles to faces and tingles to taste buds.

I had lots of meetings. Lots of virtual dial in meetings looking at the planned new build hospitals. Looking at what we’ve learnt in ED and ITU and how our lessons will inform the designs we’d worked so hard on for the last 2 years. It was great to hear so many voices echoing a shared learning experience and driving forwards designs for healthcare in a world none of could have predicted having such a profound impact.

The day ended with a joint teams meeting across both sites. Clinical and managerial leads from both Poole and Bournemouth hospitals sharing their visions of a future with Covid19 as part of our daily workload.

How do we start? Where do we start? How can we use where we are now to an advantage for patients and services to make them better. Should it be small changes and learn or big changes and adapt, all of these were discussed and critiqued. The meeting was full with fantastic minds and inspirational leaders sharing their view and crafting a vision from opinions and data.

There is so much still to learn. So much we don’t know about the impact of the virus and the impact of reintroduced services. But. I truly felt when the meeting ended a positive, strong drive to learn, adapt and get back to providing the best care for our patients and the safest place for our staff.